RESPLENDA ALPHA HYDROXY CREAM (Retail $27.50) (Special $26.50)

  • For all skin types!
  • Fragrance Free!
  • Improved texture, refinement, softness and amoothness!
  • Gradual diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles due to pronoounced exfuliation!
  • Increased clarity and translucency!
  • For the men in the family as well!  

* Please see below the advantages of using Alpha Hydroxy Cream on a regular basis.

SILICONE HAND CREAM (Retail $12.50) (Special $11.50)


soothing cream (Retail $11.50 (Special $10.50)




Specials November 29, 2010 thru December 31, 2010

RESPLENDA FOUNTAIN OF BEAUTY (Retail $23.75) (Special $22.75)

A luxurious cream fortified with vitamins A,C,D and E!

  • Research has shown that vitamins affect the skin more directly when applied extrnally than taken internally!
  • Vitamins A and E are big skin improvers and are referred to as the "skin vitamins".  

ARGIRELENE COMPLEX (Retail $31.75) ( Special $30.75

  • For all skin types!
  • Helps to prevent skin aging induced by repeated facial movements!
  • Reduces wrinkle depth and lenght!
  • Mimics both a collagen shot and a Botox injection simultaneously!
  • For the men in the family as well!
  • Apply in the morning and at bedtime!  




Apha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) are derived from naturally-occurring acids found in nature such as fruit, sugarcane and milk.  The main function of the AHA is to exfoliate the skin by weakening the bonds that hold cells together in the skins uppermost layer.  This allows the dead cells to slough off, leaving behind a layer of smoother, softer skin.  AHA's also help to dissolve the material that clogs pores.  A thick layer of dead cells on the surface of the skin gives the complexion a rough, dull appearance.  When these cells are removed, they expose a layer of fresh new cellls.  This layer has a smoother texture and a more uniform color.  Continued use of AHA's appear to stimulate new cell growth and the body's own collagen production.  Some studies have shown that continued use of AHA's over time can cause the top layer of living cells to actually become plumper, creating a more youthful, tightening of the skin.



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 Basic skin care:  Step 1. Cleanse    2. Tone   3. Protection                                    

Anti- Aging Products; Resplenda Argirelene Complex

Resplenda Firming Eye Cream,~ Resplenda Alpha Hydroxy Cream

Resplenda Retinol,~Resplenda Tropical Vitamin C,~Resplenda HSC

Resplends Neck Cream.

Step 4: Moisturize; Fountain of Beauty ~ Sunblock SPF30 With Zinc Ozide

Protection 3 drops AM (Available for Dry ~ Normal ~Oily skin types


Pick-up Cream & Powder - All skin types will enjoy this Pick-up facial treatment as

it not only deep cleanses, tones, stimulates and conditions your skin.  When used with a thin layer of Lubricating Formula Pick-up cream & powder acts as a Hydrating Mask (Providing the skin with added moisture, making the skin look healthier and younger.  This wonderful mask also acts as an Exfoliant (Deep cleansing, Removing dead skin cells, stimulating circulation - Leaving skin rosy and smooth. 

PROTECTION is the 4th and vital step to healthy skin as it locks in the precious moisture supplied by your moisturizer. Protection and your VBC Moisturizer work together as a team to moisturize and protect the skin.  Retains moisture by creating a bubble thin shield! ~ Seals out dirt, dust, pollutants and makeup.  Prepares

the skin for smoother, longer lasting makeup! ~ For the entire family!

RESPLENDA ALPHA HYDROXY CREAM ~ Improved texture, refinement, softens and smoothness! ~ Gradual diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles due to pronounced exfoliation ~ Increased clarity and translucency! ~ Fragrance free! For all skin types!

  RESPLENDA ARGIRELENE COMPLEX;  ~ For the entire family!~ For all skin types!

Helps prevent skin aging induced by repeated facial movement! ~ Reduces wrinkle

depth and length! ~ Mimics both a collagen and Botox injection simultaneously! ~

Apply in the morning and at bedtime!

RESPLENDA FIRMING EYE CREAM ~ Reduces under eye puffiness! ~ Fragrance

free! ~ Firms the skin, reduces signs of stress and fatigue (i.e. bags) ~ Softens fine character lines! ~ For the entire family! ~ Ideal for the most sensitive skin!

RESPLENDA NECK CREAM For all skin types!~ Fragrance Free! ~ For the entire family! ~ Contains collagen, rice bran extract, hydrolastin, swiss placental enzyme complex, aloe vera and jojoba oil! ~ Thes ingredients provide skin-healing properties, speed up the cell renewal process and provide firming effects! ~ Apply in the morning & at bedtime!

RESPLENDA FOUNTAIN OF BEAUTY  A luxurious cream fortified with vitamins A, C, D, and E! ~ Research has shown that vitamins affect the skin more directly when applied externally than taken internally! ~ Vitamins A & E are big skin improvers and are referred to as the "skin vitamins"!

DEEP ACTION NIGHT CREAM - NORMAL OR DRY Night treatments are formulated to remain on the skin for a prolonged period of time (overnight) as they contain special ingredients that work beneath the surface of the skin to soften the effects of aging. ~ Readily absorbed cream of deep-penetrating moisturizers and emollients! ~ Regular use will help skin develop a finer textured, clearer and more beautiful appearance.



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